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Robin Verwest

07958 393020/0207272
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Robin graduated with a Diploma from BowTech in 2000 (has since done both the Advanced Bowen courses - Special Procedures I and II). She has been successfully treating her clients for a variety of complaints in West London and now also in Islington.

Working in the fitness industry (as a group instructor and one-to-one coach) for 16 years and with a sporting history, Robin has years of practical experience of health and well-being.
As a Bowen therapist she offers:
- an holistic view to wellness
- in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology
- keen assessment skills targeting specific problem areas
- effective treatments helping clients back to

Robin on The Bowen Technique - “I chose this therapy because of its’ extreme effectiveness, while at the same time being very gentle. I am constantly amazed by the results achieved through the combination of Bowen and the body’s innate ability to heal itself.”