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Bowenwork® clients have said:

  • Bowenwork in my Life

    Several years ago, I began having problems with my feet. When I walked for longer than 10 minutes, I would notice numbness and tingling in them that then turned into an ache. I went to see a foot doctor who gave me a Cortisone shot. No change in status. He then had me wear pads on the bottoms of my feet which I kept up for about 12 months. He also gave me a series of 3 alcohol shots. I had some relief for a short amount of time, and then the symptoms returned.

    I inadvertently saw Fia Linn for Bowenwork and rather miraculously (and unexpectedly), my feet were healed! It made me feel a little crazy because suddenly there was no more numbness, tingling or pain in either of my feet! I now walk for an hour every morning (I've been doing this now for about 3 years and have begun to run for the first time in my life...beginning in October, 2008). I now have "Happy Feet"! I did not come to see Fia to heal my feet. I didn't know Bowen could do that! I am so happy to have regained the full use of my feet".

    - Andrea Jeffress (Fia Linn is a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner in Gentry, AR USA)

Bowenwork® students have said:

  • If you are suffering from pain in your neck, lower back, pelvis or extremities, you can be pain free and experience a full range of motion instantly! And you can enjoy this new found relief without drugs, surgery, supplements, or painful needles!
    - Dr. Robert J. Rowen's, MD SECOND OPINION, to read the entire article, Click Here (.pdf -66.60KB)
  • I've been a licensed massage therapist since 1988. I am impressed with Bowenwork because it is easy on my body, but more importantly, it is the most effective modality I've ever used for my clients…
    - Andrea B., LMT - Portland, Oregon
  • This is the most powerful of all the classes I've taken, especially for my own body. Five days after the class, I had a terrific detox. My husband says that this has had more effect on my scoliosis than anything else that I've done.
    - Juanita M, Prescott, Arizona
  • I was so impressed by what they gave me in class, and already the results that I have had are pretty impressive.
    - Renee R, Branson, Missouri

  • SP2 Class 2007, Queensland
    Dearest Ossie and Elaine,
    As I attended the last Bowen Academy course for Specialised Bowen Procedures 2, I looked back over the years to 1987 when I did the Bowen Technique Diploma course. Before the modules were put in place, you taught me the R.S.J moves, the foot flex (ankle) the gall/liver (with the resp), the T.FL., the additional resp moves and Teres Major too.

    Then ten years ago I asked you about cardiac and eye procedures and you showed me the moves for those. All of the above I have later learned at the courses of Specialised Bowen 1 & 2.

    Time sure gives perspective! I see now, how you learned early in the teaching process the wisdom of compartmentalizing the Bowen moves into bite sized modules for us to digest, apply and experience, before moving us onto further moves and deeper concepts.

    Thank you for being diligent stewards of the gift. As I review my notes from 1987 to now, I begin to see the process you committed yourselves to, as you laid down your lives to honour your promise to Tom Bowen to bring this gift to the world. Thank you, for your faith and endurance, your humility and vision; the teamwork, skill, wisdom and integrity you lead with is an enduring inspiration to all who are privileged to know you.
    - Kim Lim-Owen, Pacific Paradise, Qld.

  • SP2 Class 2007, New South Wales
    I had the privilege of recently completing the Master Class 2 with Ossie and Elaine in Sydney. After having the pleasure of being a Bowen Therapist for a number of years it is wonderful to have new tricks up my sleeve which address areas previously not covered. So far I have used the Shoulder releases, particularly the Infraspinatus Move, the Prone Sacral and the 'new' Pregnancy Moves with great success. The active Hamstring Procedure, whilst needing much "audience participation' worked a miracle for a hockey player with a persistent and painful hamstring injury.

    So, thank you so much, Ossie and Elaine, for expanding my repertoire.
    - Gai Wespi Wingham NSW

  • I would like to tell you how amazing some of the work that has been shown to us by Ossie and Elaine at the Masters Class really is!

    The first case history is from a two year old boy who began fitting three weeks prior to seeing me. He was having seizures several times a day. Mum had been to the doctor with the child (understandably) and he was put on medication. She was most distressed to think he would have to remain on it. On his first visit I did Bowen BRM's and talked to Mum about committing to following the seizure protocol. She was very keen and faithfully brought the child according to the protocols schedule. She drove a fair distance to see me and the boy was often asleep in the car, so I would perform the necessary moves and they would leave with him totally undisturbed! After two months the doctor reduced the medication at the request of the mother, as he had not had a further seizure. We continued Bowen treatment for her son for the next five months. The doctor gave his consent to try withdrawing medication and the child has been fine ever since, to the best of my knowledge.

    The other case was of a premature baby girl two months in age. She is the granddaughter of one of my past students, so the baby's mother was encouraged to bring her to see me. The baby had immature tear ducts with eyes that were weeping continually. An operation was scheduled to correct this. I performed the eye procedure following the baby Bowen moves and TMJ. One week later, the eye that was the more serious was much better. Encouraged, I repeated the procedures of the week before. Result-the baby had no need of the operation, both eyes were fine. I am using a lot of the other procedures we learnt at the Masters Class daily as I find them invaluable.

    Thanks Ossie and Elaine for adding to your workload to deliver them to us.

    - Debbie Newman, Noosa, Qld.

  • Dear Ossie and Elaine,
    The new moves I learned in the Master Class have added more to my expertise, especially with the pelvic and shoulder procedures. The extra sinus moves have been very beneficial especially to myself. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.
    - Jenny Haslam, Guildford, NSW
  • Dear Ossie and Elaine,
    In a million years I could not thank you enough for bringing Mr. Bowen's genius to the world. I shudder to think what my life would have been like if Bowenwork had not come to me. And so, the ripple continues - now I cannot imagine what life would be like for my family without Bowenwork. Within my community of clients there has been an outrageous success - much suffering from the small problems to the very large problems has been relieved. This is just my small world.

    When I think of the impact the two of you have had on this planet - that will continue for generations to come - I am truly in awe, and truly humbled.

    I know it has been of great personal loss to both of you. My prayer is that your happiness and joy match the good you both have brought to this world. You are angels in human form.

    With great respect, gratitude and love,

    - Delia Whitehead Prescott AZ
    - SBP 1 class-2008

  • The Bowenwork.com website directed a lady who lives 50 miles from here to contact me, and this past Saturday I worked an outcall for 6 people in "field" conditions (1 table and 2 kiddie mattresses on the floor in an upscale day care center); gave brms and kidney and rhomboids to a young woman six months pregnant. Her baby (6 month old fetus) was laying cross-wise, head to right of navel, feet to left of the mom's navel.
    During the session she switched sides, as she couldn't lie prone or supine. I was up and down doing my best with three simultaneous clients.

    Following the session, she arose and the baby had turned head down, which she was hoping her child would do at some point. Wow! Her mom and sister were a buzz talking about how she looked differently than before the session, and her younger sister remarked "My neck feels better" after she finished.

    I am reminded of something Elaine once said in training: providing Bowen gives these little bubs a fighting chance.

    Thankfully, Ossie and Elaine and Tom Bowen have made this possible, and I am ever grateful for such a blessing."

    - David Willingham in Idaho USA
    NOTE: This woman found David's listing on Bowenwork.com. All active Professional Bowenwork Practitioners who are current with their registration renewal fee, CPR certificate and continuing education hours are listed on this website.