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Continuing Education

The requirement for continuing education begins with accreditation as a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner. Thereafter, in order to maintain Bowenwork skills and accreditation, practitioners must complete 32 contact hours of Bowtech-approved continuing education every two years, with the requirement due on the anniversary of the accreditation date.

There are three categories of continuing education classes. Of the 32 hours required each two years, at least 16 hours must be from the Category 1 classes. The remaining hours may be from any category.

Category 1:
Review of Bowtech training courses. Each 8 hour day is equivalent to 8 CE hours.
Modules 1 to 6
Module 8
Module 9 (SP1)
Modules 11 & 12 (SP2)
Practitioner Day A: (Review Modules 1-6 lower body procedures)
Practitioner Day B: (Review Modules 1-6 upper body procedures)

Category 2:
These Bowtech-approved workshops, which are listed in the same drop-down menu on the Learn Bowtech search page as are Modules 8 - 12, are designed to deepen the understanding of applying Bowenwork procedures in specialized areas of interest as well as reviews from different perspectives. Category 2 CE workshops earn eight contact hours per day.

Category 3:
Other Bowtech/Bowenwork endorsed courses that broaden the practitioner's general knowledge base. A Category 3 course may contain some practical Bowenwork; however, the emphasis is more theoretical and includes a range of options to address different aspects related to practicing Bowenwork. Bowtech Conference attendance earns four hours per conference day, with a maximum of eight hours in any two-year period eligible for credit. Each 8 hour day is equivalent to 4 CE hours.

Advanced Seminar Prerequisites apply, including the completion of Module 8 at intervals of at least three months over a period of nine months after completion of Module 7.

Other courses that are approved by Bowtech for continuing education are listed in the drop-down menu on the Learn Bowtech search page. Not every course is available in all countries. Contact your regional office for details.

Additional courses are continually under development to broaden the range of courses that qualify toward the continuing education requirement of 32 hours every two years.

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