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Bowen Practitioners - What to look for

These are some of the marks of a good Bowtech Bowen Practitioner:

  • Maintains an office/clinic that is calm and conducive to healing

  • Asks you for some background to your complaints

  • Explains what s/he's going to do before the Bowtech session begins

  • Makes sure that you are comfortable lying on the table/bed or sitting in a chair

  • Uses only pressure that is comfortable to you; if you ask him/ her to lighten up, heeds your request

  • Leaves you to rest between sets of moves so that your nervous system can begin its work without interruption

  • Does not overload your system with too many Bowen procedures in one session

  • Helps you to get up off the table/bed or out of the chair

  • Explains what to do and not do between Bowtech sessions, and answers your questions

  • Encourages you to phone between sessions if anything unusual happens

  • At the next session, after showing you any exercises to do at home between sessions, reviews them to make sure you're doing them correctly

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