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Bowtech Bowen Practitioners

All Bowen practitioners listed on this site are fully accredited by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. They have successfully completed the following requirements:

  • fourteen days of instruction and review over a period of at least six months, including a rigorous two-day 'Module 7' assessment by a senior instructor

  • submission of 10 case studies for review

  • a recognized qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (The minimum number of hours of study varies from country to country.)

  • practical experience running a business or a minimum of 20 hours of business education

  • a current First Aid and/or CPR qualification as required in each country

* An asterisk next to a practitioner's name indicates that the Bowen practitioner has repeated the specialized procedures 1 seminar twice and been assessed for competence in the procedures. The procedures taught in this seminar are used only rarely, in cases where a complaint or condition is not completely resolved after several weekly Bowtech sessions.

1. The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia assesses practitioners for proficiency in the Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowtech®, Bowenwork®). It maintains registries of Bowen practitioners who meet their standards. It does not take responsibility for practitioners' compliance with legal requirements where they reside; that is the responsibility of the practitioners.

2. Everyone listed on this website has taken at least four days of Bowtech-approved courses within the last two years. This assures you that, regardless of how many years they have been in practice, they are keeping their skills fresh and accurate.

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