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Chris Reed

Physical Therapy
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
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Chris has been involved in natural therapies since 1996 as a Remedial Therapist. In 1997 he trained as a Bowen Therapist and in 2004 became an instructor with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. To further his understanding of the body Chris undertook an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and completed this in 2009.
Chris has always been interested in the workings of the body, his interest beginning with his wife Marita's studies as a nurse many years ago. Chris and Marita have three sons who all play sport and Chris is a trainer with their football club.

Chris runs Geelong Bowen & Remedial Therapies and conducts courses with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and BCNT.
He uses Bowen on all clients unless a massage is demanded. "Why use anything else when Bowen is the best!!"
Chris has always been keen on being fit, running marathons and competing in triathlons. Through his training Chris has an insight into the thinking of the athlete which he feels certainly helps when treating athletes and footballers.
Chris has been President of the Bowen Association of Australia for the past 8 years, which he has found both rewarding and challenging.

Chris is committed to teaching Bowen in its original form, and strives to share his passion and his understanding of this amazing technique.