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Anna Bunda ND

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Biography of Anna Bunda B.A. (Psych.), N.D.

Anna obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1990 from Carleton University. In 1995 she received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine designation from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

Anna integrates Naturopathy, Homeopathy and the Bowen Technique(since 1993) for complete physical, emotional and physiological balancing when treating most acquired chronic and acute conditions.

Anna was born and raised in the Ottawa region and has been practising here for 10 years. She has worked with Dr. Karen Schad at the Constance Bay Naturopathic Centre and with Dr. Shahram Ayoubzadeh at The Integral Health Clinic. This close association with mentors now and in the past has further added to her lengthy training. As well Anna has worked with Joel Lee-Villeneuve at The Optihealth Holistic Centre for 2 years.

The coming and arrival of her first child has led Anna to relocate her practice to one location, at The Ottawa South Naturopathic Clinic (OSNC) as of November 2003.

Anna earned her fellowship with The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy in 1999 under the direction of Dr. Andre Saine. This is a three year post-graduate program in advanced homeopathic prescribing for health professionals.

Striving for a more thorough understanding of how she can deeply affect a person's health on all levels, Anna continues to focus on advanced homeopathic training with world renown doctors such as Divya Chhabra, Rajan Sankaran and their associates, as well as with other esteemed naturopathic doctors.

Anna has been an invited to speak about the profession and how it relates to certain health conditions for a variety of associations such as Prostate Cancer, Women's Issues and the Multiple Sclerosis Support Groups. In August of 1999, Anna was a guest on CBC's Ken Rockburn's "All in a Day" to discuss complementary treatment for hay-fever. As well, Anna enjoys writing articles for local papers such as 'Ottawa South This Month" and the "Kanata Kourier". As well, in September of 2004 the naturopathic profession was discussed on the 9 am Interview Slot on CHRI 99.1 FM and in October of 2004 discussed flu prevention with CFRA's Brian Lilley.

Due to the detrimental effect of inefficient elimination of toxic and foreign substances, Anna has an excited curiosity in how we can change this efficiency with deep organ drainage.

The Bowen Technique is the main physical therapy Anna has been using, since 1993 in the supervised clinic at the naturopathic college, to aid in correcting physical imbalances, pain relief and lymphatic drainage. Bowen is a special interest area of Anna's practice. (Refer to the Bowen summary in this site, as well as link to the Bowen website at www.bowtech.com.)

Anna's focus is integrative in that she combines nutritional counselling, homeopathic prescribing, Food Intolerance and Organ Assessment (Vega) and the Bowen technique depending on the individual's specific needs.

She is an active member of the Canadian Naturopathic Association and the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Anna Bunda B.A. (Psych.) N.D. is a graduate of CCNM (The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine) and is practising at The Ottawa South Naturopathic Clinic, in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


8072 Mitch Owens Rd,Ottawa,ON www.ottawasouthnaturopath.com