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Joanne Figov

01202 432160
Bach Flowers
Healing Massage
Indian Head Massage
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Registered Nurse
Therapeutic Touch
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Joanne was trained in South Africa as a general nurse specialising in psychiatry, midwifery and community care. She soon realised the value of a holistic approach to health.

Over many years in Cape Town she gathered valuable 'sharp end' experience working alongside one of the country's leading complementary doctors.

Starting a new life in the UK in 1990 she worked as an NHS ophthalmic nurse.

Three years later she discovered the Bowen Technique and attended one of the first courses with pioneers Ossie and Elaine Rentsch. Soon afterwards she opened her own massage and hypnotherapy practice, with Bowen - because of its efficacy - soon overtaking these other therapies.

In 1996 Ossie asked her to join as an instructor and she was delighted to help others discover the joy of learning this fascinating technique.

Joanne - who runs meditation groups - has a special interest in the mind body connection and the emotional component of illness.
To that end she also has a two year diploma in Vibrational Medicine specialising in Flower and Gem Essences.

Over her 15 years involved with holistic health, she has developed her own therapy - 'Body Memory Release',which utilises a system of 'touch triggers' .

Joanne says: "I love teaching Bowen and sharing what I have learned so that others can benefit from this unique therapy. I tutor in a friendly relaxed way so that students enjoy learning with fun and humour"

Her hobbies are country walking, music and spiritual development.