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Merry Cooper

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Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy (Ccmrt)
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Merry trained as a Bowen Thepapist in 1997 and since then has been assisting people to Live without Pain.

Merry originally worked in Sydney and was a practitioner at St Leonards Holistic Dentistry, where she worked on resolving jaw alignment with Bowen, prior to the Dentist working with bite problems.

In 2003 Merry moved to Melbourne and worked from her home in Elwood as well as offering home visits within the locality.

Merry moved to live in Singapore in December 2010 and is offering Bowen treatments here, as well as promoting the training of local students in Bowen Therapy.

Mery now works in Perth WA.

Merry has trained with a Melbourne Vet to provide Bowen Therapy for Dogs and Cats.

Please call or email Merry to discuss your well being.