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Jennifer Parker

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Jennifer has a refreshing ability to assist people in transforming their lives to create an optimal future.

She uses all her naturalness and experience in personal therapy and treatment sessions to assist you through a process which clarifies who you really are and to help you realise your desires - the ultimate priority in everyone's lives.

Her goal is to assist you in healing the past, to live in the present and to creat the future you dream of.

Jennifer has been studying the healing process and accelerated human change for 15 years with many leading teachers of both Western and Eastern philosophies in different parts of the world.

She brings to her work her skills as a gifted therapist, with a unique insight into human nature. Combined with a commitment to her own personal development and a loving intgelligence, she inspires growth to an amazing level.

She highly values people and deeply cares about the quality of life they can obtain.