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Andrea Sandoval

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
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Module 12-SP2 Review and Assessment
Ossie & Elaine Rentsch-Canada
7/23/2011 to 7/24/2011
Bowen Career Success
Alexia Monroe-Canada
4/2/2011 to 4/3/2011
Module 11-SP2
Oswald Rentsch US
8/9/2010 to 8/10/2010
Module 10-SP1 Review and Assessment
Louise Tremblay Senior Instructor
9/27/2009 to 9/28/2009
Mother and Baby
Rick Minnery-Canada
6/6/2009 to 6/7/2009
Specialized Procedures 1
Louise Tremblay Senior Instructor
1/17/2009 to 1/18/2009
Practitioner Days A & B Combined
Louise Tremblay Senior Instructor
1/15/2009 to 1/16/2009
Mind Body and Bowen
Margaret Spicer-Canada
6/7/2008 to 6/8/2008
Module 07
Louise Tremblay Senior Instructor
7/27/2007 to 7/29/2007
Andrea Sandoval was fortunate enough to travel down a road of alternative healing modalities at a very young age. Following some personal trials and tribulations with health, she began resonating deeply with the belief that we can ultimately heal ourselves. Bowen Therapy and Energy Work seemed to be the perfect match. With this passion for healing, Andrea began her journey with the Bowen Technique in early 2004, working alongside her instructor for over 3 years in Vancouver's first Bowen Therapy clinic. During these years, Andrea also ran the Bowen Canada Registry, truly submerging herself into what is now the primary focus of her practice. Andrea is an Advanced Bowen Therapist (fully certified through the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia - teaching the Original Bowen Technique), having furthered her training to Specialized Bowen Procedures, Mind-Body Bowen, and Mother and Baby Bowen. She also has certification in Reiki and Pellowah and enjoys discovering the endless possibilities of healing through alternative modalities. Andrea continues to honour her calling to help people heal and is always giving thanks for having the opportunity to be a part of ones healing journey.