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Sue Hamilton - Accredited Practitioner & Trainer

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Vibrant purple, green and red balinese flags billow in the breeze along Mt Crosby Road , welcoming clients to Sue's stylish Bowen Therapy clinic. Bowen Therapy at Karana Downs is fully airconditioned, offers off street parking, and a very welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. She has 2 treatment rooms should you and a friend require a double treatment. Bowen Therapy at Karana Downs offers non-invasive, clinical Bowen Therapy, which is gentle, extremely effective and affordable. Health fund rebates are available. Please phone for an appointment.

*********TRAINING DETAILS************

Sue Hamilton has been operating at her very successful clinic "Bowen Therapy at Karana Downs" for 10 years. Working for myself allows me to tailor my work schedule to suit my lifestyle, which you too, will have the opportunity to achieve when you undertake training to become a Bowen Therapy practitioner".

Sue is an experienced 'Bowtech' - The Original Bowen Technique - Advanced Bowen Therapist. She holds a Certificate IV Bowen Therapy, Diploma of Bowen Therapy and Masters Certificate of Bowen Therapy. She is a Nationally Accredited Bowen Therapy Instructor. Due to previous experience in the advertising/marketing industry, Sue not only teaches you the practical elements of Bowen Therapy, but will also share with you her own experiences and 'pearls of wisdom' in the setting up and marketing of your own successful Bowen Therapy clinic/business. She is passionate about helping you to become 'the best' and most successful professional Bowen practitioner that she can......

You can learn Bowen Therapy practical modules just to treat family and friends, or, complete all other units pertaining to Certificate 1V Bowen Therapy and become a professionally registered Bowen Therapy practitioner. When qualified this enables you to acquire a Health Provider Number (for private health fund rebates) and also Personal indemnity insurance cover and to start a business. This course is a great entry point into the Natural Health Industry, as there are no pre-requisites required to start. People from many walks of life learn Bowen Therapy and for many reasons: A change of job, to become your own boss, to start your own business, to enter into the Natural health industry, to have control of your own time and life, and to help others......

Sue's training is geared to a 'low stress learning environment' and is taught in an open book technique, with no frightening exams to look forward to. Very learner friendly for those who haven't studied for some time.... Payment for practical (and other unit) modules that make up the Certificate 1V Bowen Therapy is 'pay as you go', so no big upfront fees to find. Class student numbers are regulated so training is of the utmost quality at each module. The practical modules for Bowen Therapy are taught on one weekend a month, so it is extremely convenient for students as they go about their 'regular job' during the week. Practical modules 1 - 7 are taught in monthly succession, thus allowing review of the previous module each month and then learning new procedures, with a month in between each module for practice, revision and case studies, and in this time of practice, you can be slowly building up your clientele for your future business! The student is provided with easy to read manuals for each module. I fact, you can go home after the first day's training and make a difference to family/friend's health! Bowen Therapy is amazing

Bowen Therapy training courses are held just near the Brisbane CBD, in a beautiful ornate 'Queenslander', that was once the home of Monks, and is now the perfect setting for learning this wonderful modality, Bowtech Bowen Therapy. "The Brookfield Centre" offers air-conditioned training rooms, beautiful gardens surround, complete with meditative and reflective Labyrinth , plenty of parking and access by car or bus.

ACCOMODATION AVAILABLE - Modest yet clean and affordable accomodation is offered onsite to all students should you need to stay over for your training.

Please feel free to phone or email Sue for a chat and more info on Bowen Therapy training and accommodation details.

Please contact Sue for a chat about Bowen therapy treatments, training or to request your STUDENT INFO KIT at:
email: sue@bowen-therapy.net.au or go to website: www.bowen-therapy.net.au to learn more about Sue or for Module curriculum and Bowen client/student testimonies.