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Welcome to Tranquility Bowen Therapy. My clinic is situated in Pine Mountain, Ipswich and my vision is to assist each of my clients, through the Bowen Technique, to bring your body back to a state of balance, where pain is reduced, mobility restored and quality of life returned.

Bowen Therapy is a very gentle complementary therapy that involves a series or sets of rolling moves over specific muscles, tendons or around joints that relaxes the nervous system and allows the body to rebalance in a gentle and holistic manner.

My own journey into studying this gentle technique came about through shoulder and arm pain that I had experienced over a 12 month period with little to no reprieve from the pain even though I had tried conventional medical and alternative treatments.

It was only then that I tried Bowen and was so impressed at how quickly it reduced my shoulder pain and improved mobility in my arms. As an added bonus which I didn't expect, the Bowen gave me an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm, that I just about floated out of the treatment room! I couldn't believe how such small moves on my body effected such a profound change and release from pain which led me to studying the technique.

I am a full member of the Bowen Association of Australia and The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech).

Bowen Therapy can help with so many painful and debilitating conditions. If you are suffering in pain and would like a treatment that is gentle and safe, why not consider Bowen?