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Rita Azeredo

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
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Rita Azeredo was born in Lisbon and now lives in the South of Portugal. She runs her own dedicated Bowen clinic in Lisbon.

Rita is a Bowtech Instructor for Portugal, its islands (Madeira and the Azores) and other Portuguese-speaking countries. She is a guest teacher for basic and advanced courses in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

She discovered the Bowen technique after being diagnosed with a chronic back problem 13 years ago. The result of her treatments were so impressive that she decided to become a therapist herself.

"I wanted to help others just like I had been helped".

In 2006, she started her studies in London with Nicola Hok. After almost 2 years, she was the first Portuguese Bowen therapist. By the end of 2007, she opened her own clinic in Lisbon. From then on, she progressed by specializing, taking all advanced courses available.

In 2011 John Wilks invited her to join as an instructor and she completed the two year Teaching training with John Wilks and Trevor Griffiths, and is teaching Basic Courses since 2013. She is now also available to teach module 8, SBP1 and SBP 2.

"This is the realization of my biggest wish: to make The Bowen Technique a respected and successful therapy in Portugal".

Another way to expand the reach of the Bowen technique was by taking good care of all new therapists: she is a founding member of the Portuguese Bowen Therapy Association, and was the chair for 5 years. The Bowen technique is now very well established in Portugal with therapists all over the country.

"My goal in this life is to be a good professional, able to treat lots and lots of people. I love what I do and will keep on helping people for a long time to come".