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Mariann Stewart

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Mariann Stewart has always had an interest in complimentary therapies. Her involvement with the Bowen technique began in 2004 when she first received Bowen treatment herself. Mariann found the Bowen technique so effective in the treatment of her condition that she realised that not only could it make her better but it was something she wanted to learn to help others in similar positions: ''Bowen just seemed to fit; I felt like I had found my calling in life - she says.

Mariann gained my Bowen practitioner certificate from The Bowen Association UK, the European arm of Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA) in 2008. Having relocated to Perth in 2013, she obtained a Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy from Bowen Training Australia (BTA) in 2015 and she us also a member of the Bowen Association Australia (BAA).

Mariann is committed to taking her study further and since qualifying has attended numerous courses such as:

* perfecting Bowen technique with Oswald and Elaine Rentsch (two of the foremost Bowen experts in the world) and later with Nicola Hok (one of the leading Bowen teachers in the UK),
* how to apply the Bowen technique so that it may help to enhance the performance of sports people,
* how to apply the Bowen technique to stroke victims*, the immobile* and people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome* (CFS/Burnout- CFS),
* a Clinical Assessment Skills course aimed at recognising postural imbalances, and
* a specialized course looking at the underlying mechanics of the Bowen technique.

Mariann has successfully applied the Bowen technique in the UK and Hungary, she currently works from home in Perth, Australia.

Here are a few client testimonials she has received:

"I started Bowen therapy with Mariann at 30 weeks pregnant for 6 weeks on the lead up to maternity leave. I was experiencing many of the usual pregnancy complaints such as backache, oedema, sciatica, constipation as well as a reoccurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome which I have had for many years.
Following the initial treatment I experienced a complete improvement with regards to carpal tunnel as well as a significant improvement in all other symptoms. I was impressed at just how quickly an improvement could be felt how long the effects lasted, especially considering the daily changes your body experiences during pregnancy.
I also found that the therapy was a welcome hour where I could switch off and relax, and would result in a much better nights sleep because of it! I would highly recommend it for pregnancy and would not think twice about seeking treatment for future pregnancies."

''I was having terrible pain in the centre of my knee when I was walking up stairs and it was affecting me terribly. Mariann's holistic approach to my treatment meant that after only four treatments, she had completely fixed my knee. I have had no reoccurrence of the pain since my final treatment over three months ago. I actually miss my treatments as my experience of Bowen Technique and Mariann's skill provided me and my brain a period of complete rest at least once a week."

"Having never even heard of Bowen Technology before this year, I was intrigued by the whole concept. Mariann's approach whilst being totally professional is also friendly and reassuring and after having treatment from her I can honestly say that she has succeeded where traditional medicine failed dismally. The crippling cramp in my legs that I used to suffer from several times a week has all but vanished as have my digestive problems which tended to keep me awake the moment my head hit the pillow every night. I am absolutely thrilled and cannot recommend her highly enough."

* Bowen cannot cure these ailments but may aid the comfort of the client.