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My Bowen Story

Sometime ago I was to visit my family back home in India and only a few days before this overseas trip I injured my knee.

The travels had escalated my knee pain so much so that when I arrived in India all I wanted was a 'painkiller'. My parents encouraged me to go see their Bowen therapist. I had never heard of Bowen until then but just out of respect for my parents I decided to give it a try. On my way there my mother whispered, "Have you thought of becoming a Bowen therapist? I know you have it in you". I disregarded the comment as the only thought in my head was 'when will this pain go away!' Mrs Zenobia Pajnigar treated me that day...I would have fallen asleep at some point during the treatment because I don't really remember what she did! What I do remember is getting of the treatment bed, and when I put my foot down, I was in agony! About 200 times worse than what I arrived with. I didn't say much as I knew my parents benefited greatly from Bowen and didn't want to rock that boat. That evening we ate a quiet meal, watched some tele and went to sleep. The best sleep I had in years!! Good sleep is a luxury to someone who works in a stressed environment of the corporate world.

The next day my father woke me up to go see a 9am breakfast show and I woke up with some urgency, started running around to fetch an auto ( public transport in India) just in time to make it for the movie. On our way to the cinemas my father inquired how my knee was? I had to actually look down at my knees to identify which was the injured knee! I could not believe it! I had suffered for 2 weeks, taken several pain killers and no difference! What was this Bowen, how did it magically set things right in one sitting! I was hooked!

Mrs Pajnigar and my parents explained more about Bowen, how it originated in Australia and referred me to Farida Irani. I did my own research through professor Google and needless to say the more I read the more curious I grew. I had a new found respect for the human body and its innate ability to heal itself. Now there was no turning around, I had to know and learn everything about this miracle.

Eventually I gave up the corporate world, enrolled into Bowen Training Academy and started practising and there was no looking back!

Even as a student practitioner I had fantastic results and with each successful story, my faith grew stronger and stronger! I have helped people with lower back pain, sciatica, ankle & knee problems, gout, insomnia, vertigo, respiratory issues, depression ....to mention a few!

Truly everyone is better with Bowen and you must try it.