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Georgina Hope-Crossley

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Craniosacral Therapy
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I personally experienced the Bowen Technique nearly twenty years ago when suffering with a very painful back spasm. I left the treatment room furious with how little the therapist had done and only once I'd calmed down realised I was pain free for the first time in months. I was eager to know 'how' and years later took the opportunity to learn.
I trained with Bowtech; founded by Ossie Rentsch who worked directly alongside the late Tom Bowen. Since my initial training I have worked through the Bowtech advanced modules and in 2019 trained with Ossie Rentsch himself. I have been lucky enough to train with other leading Bowen practitioners and published authors, John Wilks and Julian Baker. I am a full member of the Bowen Therapy Association UK, a qualified Reiki Master, hold a Level 3 VTCT, full indemnity insurance, a current first aid certificate, a First Class BA (Hons) degree, Masters degree and regularly undertake registered courses as part of my continued professional development.

What my clients say:
Cannot recommend highly enough. After a nasty fall and damaging my coccyx, I was unable to do the most basic of things like putting my socks on or carrying shopping. Struggling for weeks I went to see Georgina, and after the first session there was a huge improvement. She takes a detailed history of symptoms and limitations and then Bowen does the rest! I had 4 sessions in total and I can now say that I am reset, recharged, fully functional and finally able to get back to the gym after 12 weeks. The treatment is non invasive but highly effective. Thank you so much, would recommend to anyone who is debilitated with back pain.
Tara, Upminster London

Two weeks ago, I was in so much pain with my back that I could not roll from my back to my front, and was suffering sleepless nights with the pain. I was recommended Bowen therapy through a friend whose husband had turned to it for back pain and never looked back. On my first visit to see Georgina, I was very sceptical about what the treatment would achieve, even more so when the treatment itself consisted of such gentle and light touches... 24 hours after the first session, I was absolutely amazed at how much better my back felt, I had slept like I baby the night of the first session and was even able to lift things and carry shopping bags the next day. After two sessions I can honestly say, I can barely feel any pain at all. For anyone that is considering Bowen therapy, but is not completely convinced. Give it a go! I was the biggest sceptic myself but now, this would be my 'go to' treatment for anything. Thank you Georgina.
Rhea, Upminster London

I injured my lower back in July, lifting a cast iron bench. For 2 days after I suffered in extreme pain so I wore a support belt to work & even slept with it on as well as taking a constant supply of painkillers. A friend told me about Bowen Therapy and how it had helped his wife & several friends. I contacted Georgina and she managed to squeeze me in for treatment the same day.
My wife drove me as I couldn't drive. Georgina spoke to me at length regarding my medical background & previous problems I've had with my back. The treatment room is very private & very relaxing.
I didn't know what to expect, the treatment was very gentle and I was unsure how this was going to be effective. But I woke up the next morning & the severe pain had gone completely! I took my belt to work just in case it came back but I didn't need it & have not worn it since.
I have lived with a dull ache in my lower back for the past 15 years due to my job as a Driver & due to being born with a curvature of the spine (Scoliosis). After 3 close follow up treatments I realised my constant dull aching back was not constant anymore! This is the first time my back has not aggravated me for about
10 years.
Georgina is now seeing me on a less frequent basis, working towards improving my Scoliosis and posture. I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone to not hesitate calling Georgina & giving the treatment a go, thus far I am very grateful & astonished.
Mr Taylor, Plaistow London

Georgina has been excellent at treating my 6 week old son. He's gone from a wailing, stressed-out fusspot to a calm and happier baby. Georgina has worked on his tummy, pelvis and sacrum and helped remove a lot of the tension he was holding after a traumatic birth. The treatment has helped reduce his colic and his reflux has gone away completely.
After 3 sessions, I am now able to lay him down flat on his back for 20-30 minutes without him screaming the house down whereas before he would object immediately. She's also done wonders for his bowel movements and is a bit of a "Poop Fairy"! I'm really pleased I found her and can't recommend Bowen Therapy Upminster highly enough.
Emma and son, Romford

Carpal Tunnel
I started dropping objects I was holding - mobile phone, keys, hairbrush etc. They seemed to just leap out of my hands! I was also experiencing a fizzy numbness in the tips of my fingers in both hands. I was treated by Georgina quite soon after the doctor's diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. It has made an enormous difference. I gradually started dropping things less frequently, and after relatively few sessions I stopped dropping things altogether. The fizzy numbness declined the more treatments I had, and again the symptoms have now ceased. Bowen is a lovely relaxing treatment, which leaves you feeling like you are walking on air, with a wonderful sense of well being. Georgina is professional, calm and sensitive to whatever problem you bring to her.
Mrs Clark, Havering

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